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Grants and Subsidies


TESOLANZ and CLANZ Subsidies 

TESOLANZ and CLANZ are offering financial support to members who wish to attend CLESOL 2014 (by application only). 

Note: delegates may receive subsidy support from only ONE of the funding sources available.


Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Aotearoa New Zealand (Inc)
Te Ropu Kaiwhakaako Reo Ingarihi ki Iwi Reo Ke



TESOLANZ subsidies to attend CLESOL 2014


TESOLANZ has allocated a total of $6,000 towards the financial support of TESOLANZ members intending to attend CLESOL (Community Languages and ESOL) conference at Rutherford House, Victoria University of Wellington on 10 – 13 July 2014.

The subsidy is intended to contribute towards costs such as the registration fee (Very Early Bird rate), travel, and accommodation, for those who are unable to claim these from other sources. A maximum of $400 will be awarded to any one applicant.

For more the application form, who is eligible to apply and details on how to apply for the subsidy, please see here.

Emails should be received by Tuesday 18 March 2014, and funds will be allocated according to availability by a sub-committee of the TESOLANZ National Executive. While all applications will be fully confidential to the committee, the results of successful applications will be made public.



More information to come by Friday 31 January 2014


If you would like to join our CLESOL conference mailing list, please contact us at clesol@paardekooper.co.nz