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CLESOL 2014 Refereed Conference Proceedings


Final deadline for submission: Friday 14 November 2014


Refer to the Style Guide for formatting guidelines.


How does it work?
If you are interested in publishing the paper you presented at CLESOL 2014, follow the instructions below.  This year’s CLESOL proceedings will be published as a special edition of the TESOLANZ Journal, available online in the CLESOL section of the TESOLANZ website.


What happens after I submit the paper for publishing?
It will be distributed to two peer reviewers.  As it is to be blind reviewed (that is, neither the identity of the contributor or the reviewer will be made known), please make sure your name is nowhere on the paper (e.g. in a header or footer), except on the cover page (see below for details).


Reviewers are solicited by the Editor, and as published authors themselves, they are prepared to review your paper from an academic standpoint.


Once your paper has been reviewed, you will be advised whether it has been designated:
A) Accepted as is
B) Accepted with suggested changes (as outlined by the reviewer for return to the author)

C) Unsuitable for publication


If it is B) you will be given the recommended changes for editing.  After you have edited the paper, you will be asked to resubmit and will be given a deadline by which to do so.  This is standard professional journal publication procedure.  Please note that if you do not format your paper according to the set guidelines it will not be accepted.  If your paper is C) Unsuitable for publication, you will be given a brief reason.


I would like to be a reviewer
If you have published previously, you may be interested in being part of the peer review process.  If so, please email your interest to: Katherine.Quigley@vuw.ac.nz.  You will then be sent an invitation with details and a procedure.


How to submit a paper
All submissions must be received by Friday 14 November 2014 at the latest.


This year there are two options for submitting a paper for the CLESOL Proceedings:

1. in the form of an academic paper (NOT your conference PowerPoint).  Your paper should be up to, but no more than, 5,000 words, including tables, references and appendices.  It should reflect the content of your presentation at the conference, fully referenced, in APA style.  You may like to look at papers from previous CLESOL proceedings for guidance if you have not written such a paper before.  You can find them here:  http://tesolanz.org.nz/Site/CLESOL/default.aspx


2. in the form of a brief summary of your CLESOL presentation.  It is envisaged that this option might be especially suitable for first-time presenters or submitters.  Your summary should be no more than 750 words including any references.  It should reflect the essence of your presentation at the conference, i.e. main points and findings.


For both options, please refer to the Style Guide for formatting guidelines.


Minor editing may be undertaken by the Editor, which will not affect the substance of the paper.


You should submit your paper with the title and names of the author(s), including name of institution, and contact details, in the body of the email, as well as on the title page.  There should be no other identifying information in the paper.


Submit to: Katherine.Quigley@vuw.ac.nz


Need help?
Contact us:
Dr Katherine J. Quigley
Editor CLESOL 2014 Conference Proceedings
Phone: 04 463 5612
Email: Katherine.Quigley@vuw.ac.nz

If you would like to join our CLESOL conference mailing list, please contact us at clesol@paardekooper.co.nz